About Our Concrete

Viking Ready-Mix concrete provides the crucial elements needed for smooth finishes that will stand the test of time. We know when your project is a success, we all succeed. Our ongoing approach to winning and keeping your business is to provide high-quality ready-mix concrete tailored for your projects along with excellent customer service. Call us for a free quote or consultation. Ask about our discounts on large projects. Begin your project with a strong foundation.

Our Mix Designs

Viking Ready-Mix has developed mix designs for a large variety of applications that finishers will appreciate. As we work with you to plan for your project, we want to understand the variables you are facing so we can customize your mix design to best meet the challenges of your project and best serve your needs. We never skimp on cementitious material (Portland cement and fly ash). The type of fly ash we use is the gold standard for mitigating alkali silica reactivity that can cause concrete to expand and crack over time.

We’ve incorporated quality admixtures into our standard mix designs that will enhance workability, aid in finishing, and produce a more water-tight concrete with a lower water-to-cement ratio. Hot temperatures can make finishing a slab challenging. As temperatures rise, we will automatically provide a basic amount of hydration stabilizer suitable for the ambient temperature at the time of the pour that will help maintain slump and proper set times over extended haul times. An additional fee for hydration stabilizer is only billed when an additional amount is needed for extenuating circumstances.

By utilizing our chiller, we can also provide chilled water to help keep the concrete from setting up too quickly in the heat. In cold weather you can request our accelerator that will promote earlier setting, finishing, and strength gain, especially needed in concrete exposed to low and falling temperatures.

Our standard mix designs also include an admixture that reduces permeability and improves the resistance to surface deterioration caused by de-icing chemicals. It provides superior resistance to freezing and thawing conditions and makes it easier to flow into forms or pump into place.

Our Pump Trucks

When working with a pump truck, we can also use river rock that has rounded edges which makes it less abrasive to the equipment. Another admixture that is standard in our mixes provides excellent early compressive strength, faster setting time characteristics, and fluidity in mix designs with substantially reduced water content. These admixtures are included at no additional cost per yard.


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